LinkedIN Job Requests

Here’s what I find most fascinating about Job search on LinkedIN…

As all LinkedIN users know, LinkedIN is filled with job recruiters who tend to post Job applications/openings into all relevant and unrelevant groups.

“Open” groups are often more filled with Job Applications than actual discussions.

However, there is a certain trend regarding job availability.
In my field, I sometimes see discussions that other network engineers have a tough time getting a job that suits their interest and knowledge.
On the other hand, I see this:

Recruiter: Hi, my name is Anna. I am currently looking for a Network Engineer in <insertnamestate>,<insertnamecountry>. Estemated salary is around $<insertnamedollars>.
Please send your CV to <myemailaddress> and you can also contact me via <telephonenumber> or <othercontactmechanism>.

Comment #1: Hi Anna, my CV is in my profile, please contact me.
Comment #2. Hi Anna, I’m interested in the job, my email is <mymail>, please contact me.
Comment #n: Hi Anna, is the job still open? My CV is in the dungeon, please fetch it, my phonenr is in the phone book, please find it and call me, me email is also somewhere on the web, please search for it and send me a mail and I may answer you with my CV.

I’m honestly not sure where to start.
If you’re really interested in the Job, why can’t you follow simple instructions and send the CV as requested, and maybe follow up with a phone-call to the recruiter.
How on earth did you come to the conclusion that the best way to apply for a Job is to ask the recruiter to spend her/his time finding your CV wherever you may have left it or linked to it.
Given that (hopefully) other people looking for a job have already filled the recruiter’s inbox, and she/he has enough to do when going over submitted CV’s, why should she spend EXTRA time trying to FIND your CV or contact YOU to ASK for your CV?

Oh and, a personal note. How are you going to try to convince your future boss that you’re worthy of the job if you cannot spend a few minutes of your time actually applying for it?
If you’re so lazy that you want other people to find your CV and apply for a job for you, you’re probably so lazy that you’re not worthy of the position anyway.

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