Another round

Once upon a time (2000-2010ish) I used to blog, quite often actually, but the blogs were all personal and non-technical.
Facebook kind of replaced personal blogging, as people stopped viewing blogs as a medium to keep up with current events of those who you rarely meet. And maybe interact with them through the blog comments.

For a long time I’ve wanted to blog on a technical level, and tried a few times.
However, the risk of my post having flaws or inaccuracies, or my personal opinions being “incorrect”, kept all of my attempts locked up in unpublished drafts.

At the the same time, when I need to find specific information or going through re-certification, other people’s blog posts have helped me quite a lot to find what I’m looking for.

And since I’m lucky enough that my current employment almost requires me to be constantly studying and learning something new, why not document the process with blog posts?
I’ve thought about this for quite some time now, either telling myself “tomorrow I will…” or “first I need to take care of …”
But what the hell, let’s see where this takes me.
There are number of items I need to take care of, website layout and whatnot, I’ll address those items as we go along.

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