At the beginning of 2018 I attempted to restart my blogging, and try to do something that would help me and maybe others from a technical point of view.
What happened: I started and very quickly just ran into a wall.

Trying to do something that you *know* is fun, you *know* you should enjoy, but somehow you don’t and you don’t know why, is difficult.

Realizing that this might be a sign of something else, is extremely valuable.
FishBits Lessons Learned on Burnout helped me putting some of the things into perspective.

Which brings me to another thing…

This tweet above is very closely related to burnout.
You may read about, or have your own, success story of how overworking and giving your free time to your employer helped advanced your career.
But you may not hear all the stories where this failed, or resulted in a burnout, because the person involved might have moved to something other than IT to get their life back.

This is not the same as doing something extra for your own advancement, such as studying on your own or maybe playing in your lab.
For example, deciding that you want to learn Python because you know it will help you in the long run, and doing so outside of business hours, is not the same as going for a certification because the employer mandates it and studying for the exam outside of business hours without pay.

The employer might say that this certification will help you and therefore you should give your time, but ask yourself: Would I go for this certification on my own if my employer didn’t require me to?

The same thing goes for any work or projects: You should not have to rely on overtime (if it’s paid), and overtime should be minimal if it’s not paid.
In most cases, as you can read about from number of IT veterans, free labor is not rewarded as you would think.
The free labor might however affect your own health and well-being, family life and friendships.

Back to the original point.
I have a number of projects and ideas that I would like to do or learn.
For some parts I’m lacking the passion or excitement to start, or go through with.

So what am I doing about it then?
As Fish mentions in the youtube video, each individual has their own way of dealing with burnouts or pre-burnout symptoms, there’s no “correct way”.
I’m still experimenting on what works best for me.

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