IPv6 world day in the news.

IPv6 World Day is upon us.
And I want to take this icelandic news article to demonstrate how good and widespread understanding of IPv6 is…n’t.
Here’s the “current” article:  http://www.visir.is/haettir-internetid-a-morgun,-thann-8.-juni-/article/2011110609262
And in-case they remove it, here’s a pdf copied version: http://routing.is/visir-ipv6-world-day.pdf

The article is in Icelandic, so here below is a very rough translation, but I try to maintain all the stupidity in the article.

The internet stops tomorrow, 8. june.
Due to shortage of so-called IP numbers, which are necessary to make internet connection possible, will Google along with others turn on this new system tomorrow but that could lead to that those who have old computers won’t be able to connect to the internet.

Each and every computer, modem and smartphone that connects to the internet has a so-called Internet Protocol (IP) number, which makes internet connection possible. This numbering system was created 1977 and contains 32 digits which can create 4.3 billion possible ip-combinations, which was considered at that time an unlimited resource of numbers.

Now however are very few numbers left. For the last years webcompanies have worked at creating new numbers which contain 128 digits and this system will be tested for the first time tomorrow, 8. june, when Google and other companies will turn on the new numbers for 24 hours.

The change will most likely [ganga vel fyrir sig], since all except the oldest computers and phones can handle the new numberingsystem. However it could be that those who have old DSL or cablemodem will either get delays or possible never be able to connect to the internet.

Those who are latecomers to technology do not need to despair because for a few years to come internet companies will be using both numbering systems but it can be expected that that kind of double load will slow down all internetconnection, regardsless of the age of computers, which could test the patience of those more tech-savvy.

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